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"We have been using Express Wine Delivery exclusively for our Bay Area deliveries for the past seven years.  Grgich Hills Estate is “winery direct” in California so we have very close relationships with our customers.  EWD has been invaluable in helping us achieve high quality customer service.  They call me right away if the driver has an issue with delivery.  In “real time” we solve the problem together along with my sales rep and the account.  EWD also warehouses our product so when a customer gives me an order, EDW delivers the next day.  The owners and their staff are hard-working industry professionals.  We value EWD’s customer service and I recommend them for wineries looking to streamline delivery". 


Kathryn Fletcher

Assistant Sales Manager

Grgich Hills Estate



"When we founded Banshee Wines in 2010 we chose Express as our primary warehouse for wine storage and wine deliveries because of the similar nature of their company.   They, like us, are founded by family and close friends, and place emphasis on making a personal experience for their customers.  Over the course of five years of doing business with Express, they have delivered nothing short of an individualized and authentic partnership.  We know the faces behind the business and trust them.  It has been wonderful to see our businesses grow together over the years.  As both a winery and an importer, our business can be complicated in terms of logistics.  Express handles all of our direct to consumer business, our wholesale orders, receives our incoming containers from Europe, stores hundreds of skus, plus performs many other services.  There is no day in the logistical world that is straight forward and Express is there to handle all of the exceptions and revisions, with specialized care.  Express has been able to match and accommodate all of our needs as our volume of wine storage and deliveries has increased significantly over the years.  Thank you to all of our wonderful friends at Express for making our partnership one built on efficiency, strength, and integrity".


Catherine Ziegler


Banshee Wines & Valkyrie Selections



"After bottling my first vintage of Massican, I went to San Francisco to meet a friend for dinner and get his opinion on the wines. We were sitting at the bar of the restaurant and tasting through the wines. The sommelier walked up and asked if they could try the wines as well. After a few sips she asked if she could get a case of wine delivered tomorrow. It was Wednesday night, 6pm! I had no process in place to satisfy that request. My friend mentioned I should call Express Wine Delivery, maybe they could help. First thing, Thursday morning I called Express and spoke with Marcela. In order to get the wine to San Francisco, Express dispatched a truck to the warehouse where the wines were stored, picked up a palate, drove to San Francisco, peeled off a case and delivered it to the restaurant and returned the rest of the wine to their warehouse for future deliveries. Since that day Massican has been 100% an Express customer and biggest fan. Express not only stores our wine, they ship DTC and have supported with local deliveries to restaurant and retail. It is truly a one-stop shop for all of my shopping-handling and customer care. I couldn't ask for anything more".


Dan Petroski

(707) 843-0268